Thursday, January 15, 2009

Full Circle

After a lot of debate Jared and I have finally come to an agreement on Anneliese's middle name.

There have been several names I have picked that had deep meaning to me that Jared just didn't like the sound or cadence. He has had several that sounded good but they had no meaning. This is our last baby, our only girl. I really wanted to make sure her name was not only beautifully unique but also had great meaning to us both. So we came up with the perfect fit. Not a compromise but the perfect name.

When Jared and I first started our journey towards having children it took 4 years and Clomid for us to finally conceive. After 14 weeks we were informed that the baby had died and apparently my body hadn't realized it yet. I ended up having a D&C and as you can imagine this was an extremely difficult time for us both. We had decided early on if it were a boy his name would be Keegan Patrick. For us the name has been linked to that baby and has great meaning and sentiment.

The other night Jared and I were watching TV and an actress was named Keegan Tracey. I just mentioned to Jared, "Hey, what about Anneliese Keegan?" Over the last few days it has really begun to grow on me so last night we started talking about it seriously. Jared and I both agree that it's unique and beautiful. Anneliese has been the name we've had picked out for our daughter for 9 years. Keegan is the name that represents the beginning of our journey and our first little peanut. It just makes sense and seems to bring us full circle.

Anneliese Keegan Altic. We greatly anticipate your arrival. Come quickly sweet angel.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it!!! It is beautiful! Couldn't be a better choice of names!

Grandma Anita

Shannon said...

Thank you Grandma. We really love it too. It just made sense once we put it together. Now if it were just time for her to be here :)

Jenny said...

awwwwwwwwwww! I LOVE IT!!!!! It's perfect!

Shannon said...

Thank you Jenny. It is perfect :) We agree. Thank you so much for the sweet encouraging words.