Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chinese Torture?

I had my three hour lab work this morning and it was an exercise in torture. First they starved me for 12 hours and then drown me in orange sugar water that has to be from Satan himself.

In the 3 hours I was there my blood sugar went from 71-245-187-48. Needless to say by the time I was done I was not only exhausted and physically drained but I left with a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes and a bad headache.

I really would think that after the obvious 245 they'd let me be but alas it doesn't work that way. They wanted to see how my body reacted over time and needless to say it wasn't good.

The worst part was that when I left the office I was stinking starving, shaking and having a hard time walking a straight line. Try explaining that to an officer. "umm Sir, I'm not drunk I promise. They hopped me up on sugar after starving me for 12 hours." Perfectly reasonable. I immediately headed to Wendy's for their lower carb chili only to feel progressively worse. After I inhaled the chili and a mozzarella bread stick from QT and 52 oz of diet Mountain Dew I started feeling better.

Wow, please Lord don't ever make me do that again. Now I just have to settle into life without sugar at least for the next few weeks until I meet my daughter. I can do that :)

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