Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Control Freak

I am excited to say that I am in control! I have been very careful with my eating today and I haven't had a blood sugar above 91!!

I'm not hungry because I'm having to eat about every 2 hours to keep it from dropping but I've been eating little bits of complex carbs and lotsa protein.

Being aware it's only day 1 since this all came about, still it is definitely a boost of encouragement to know that I can do it. My fingers are sore because I'm a testing fool but I just want to know exactly what affects it and what doesn't.

Egg drop soup from Evergreen in Bonner (sans crunchies) was a yummy filling lunch that didn't seem to affect my sugar at all. That is very exciting since it's one of my most favoritist things in da whole wide world. I also picked up Weight Watcher's string cheese and cheddar cheese single serving snacks. They have little to no carbs and are still just a point a piece. The best part is they fit nicely in my purse.

The test will be tonight at church when we have our Wednesday night family night. We have dinner together and there are usually some amazing desserts that I'll have to say no to. I bought everything to make some sugar free jello jigglers and they'll have to do.


Stephanie said...

I don't know which tester you have but some of them will adjust so you can test from the forearm. I always liked that better because it seemed less painful and seemed to heal faster than my fingers.

My husband found an egg drop soup recipe and has started making it for us 'cause we love it too. The recipe is very simple - 1 can chicken broth and 1 egg for 2-3 people.

Heat the chicken broth to boiling. Beat the egg very well and then pour it very slowly into the boiling broth. Use a swirl pattern when pouring so you cover the whole pan. Once all of the egg is in, stir gently once or twice to separate the egg into the broth better. Voila!

Stephanie from VF

Shannon said...

Thanks for the recipe! My fingers are definitely taking a beating. I really appreciate the tip.