Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Joke!

Today was the day I was to get football relief. We've waited almost 3 weeks to have our new cable installed. Jared took the day off to be here when the guy arrived.

We were told they would be here between 12-5. At 1 pm our doorbell rang. A very whiny dude began to explain to Jared how installing the new cables in our home is practically impossible. Within 15 minutes he was convinced there was just no way and he said to Jared, "I don't do crawl spaces. I lost everything I had in a fire in '98."

Ummm okay. Not meaning to sound harsh but isn't this your job whiny dude? And the fire was 11 years ago. I told Jared he should have said, "Install the cable and if you need council I can help. It's what I do."

Unfortunately he just left. He refused to do the job he was sent to do and left. No joke.

Jared is now fit to be tied. He's been on the phone with DirecTv for at least 20 minutes already.
I'm not sure how this is going to pan out but unless they send someone out immediately I'm doomed to more football or Sponge Bob. Oh, and I have a beautiful TV in my room that is rendered useless until that stinking box is installed.

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Anonymous said...

call Sunflower...they will happily do it!