Wednesday, January 28, 2009


-The new washer and dryer were installed this morning right around 8 am. Talk about prompt service. They have a larger wash/dry basin than the previous set but the machine as a whole is much smaller. These are compact and make the laundry room look larger. That's a plus. Apparently the leveling legs are stuck in place so they're sending out a "specialty team" to get the washer perfectly leveled and at the same height as the dryer. They'll be here tomorrow but regardless they work great and I'm super pleased.

-About 15 minutes after they left Nadia came over. I totally forgot I had her today. I have her every Wednesday it's just yesterday was a blur and today is starting out the same.

-Around 11 the DirecTv guy came to finally install the new box, satellite, and receivers. He's still working hard and is a breath of fresh air compared to the whiny cable dude. Let's deem this one the "Young, Hot, Hard working Cable guy with the Iphone." Jared is quite pleased with the upgraded work ethic and they are about done.

-To add to my "To Do" list Jared and the Y.H.H.W.C.G. w/ the Iphone decided to check out our bedroom for the best place to bring in the new cable. They wandered all over the room with their boots on full of mud. I walked in and apparently didn't hide my frustration very well because later the Y.H.H.W.C.G. w/ the Iphone enlisted Jared to come back into the bedroom to finish pulling the cable through. He mentioned he didn't want to get yelled at (with a smirk). So shampooing my bedroom carpet and the hallway rugs is now going to be part of my day. It's worth it though to be able to use our new T.V.

-Due to the fact I worked all afternoon Monday and we did the washer search all over KC yesterday the boys are behind on school. They've been working hard for a while now and still have a bit to go. They're doing a really good job of staying focused in the midst of the total chaos our morning has been.

-Nadia heads home at 3 and I'll lay Graham down here in a hour. I'm eager for things to settle down a bit. I may even shower! Now there's an idea.

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