Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let There Be HD

I really like the new cable guy. He gave us this:

YAY! I can use my new TV now and it's beautiful! I am so thankful to have it done and hooked up. After letting the mud on the carpet dry I ran my sweeper over it and it's not even so bad. So it was a win win!

Yipee! NO more Sponge Bob or football for me!


Amy said...

Look how clean that dresser is. I could never post a pic of our dresser. Yikes!

Shannon said...

Umm there was a dude I don't know in my bedroom needing to use that dresser and move it etc. Therefore it is clean. Otherwise it is typically covered in Jared's folded t-shirts. After all it is a surface and in Jared-land surfaces did something to spite him and shall forever be doomed to lay under layers of clothes.

Alisa said...

In our room the dresser is covered in parts and pieces off all things telecommunications oriented and a smattering of business cards, receipts and change.....oh yes, it's very nice!