Thursday, January 15, 2009

Family Happenings...

-While finishing up at Wal-Mart I was desperately trying to get Elijah's attention. I fumbled through all the boys' names before I finally landed on Eli. Out of frustration I said, "Why can't I get your names right?!!" To which Brennan replied, "Maybe because there's too many of us." I laughed SO hard and conceded he was probably right.

-Daddy is at a meeting this evening and I bought the boys a Supreme pizza. They were all very skeptical but amazingly they LOVED it. Tanner ate 3 pieces. Elijah kept saying, "Mom I love rainbow pizza." We always buy peperoni or sausage for Jared but since it was just us I decided to try something new. They are my kids :)

-Tomorrow Anneliese's petite chandelier is going up. I was putting it together the other day and realized there is an instrumental piece missing. Our sweet electrician friend is coming over tomorrow to put the beautiful fixture up. I'll be sure to post a pic.

-After watching our sweet little neighbor girl our house has been seriously disinfected. Nadia has been ill with a respiratory virus and even though it's been close to a week since she came down with it I didn't want to take any chances. Nadia and the boys have been lathered in Germ-X. As a little girl she thought it was lotion and was more than happy to go along with my OCD. She's the cutest and every time she would show me her hands and say, "did I wub (rub) it in anuf?"

-We have soft water!! The part came yesterday and I installed it rather easily. We started noticing a difference today. I am SO thankful to have it fixed and ready for the boys and our little girl. The glasses came out of the dishwasher today and you could actually still see through them. YAY!

-While checking out at Wal-Mart the cashier was scanning all the hangers and then asked for me to hold up a tub so she could zap it real quick. She eyed the boys and said, "So, is this one a girl?" I had to laugh.

-The boys amaze me more and more each day. All the concerns I had for Tanner and this school year have washed away as he has surpassed my expectations. He is incredibly smart and takes great pride in completing every task. I love that about our boys. They are committed and can't leave anything undone. Homeschooling has created self-starters who love to finish. WOW, I'll take that.

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