Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So, What'd You Do Today?

For the last week my "new" washer has been leaking small amounts of water during the final spin cycle. I was in denial for a few days until I started doing research and found out that my washer was recalled for such a leak and could catch fire at any given moment if the leak dripped onto the electric panel. Unfortunately for me the recall just gives me a free attachment to my plug in that stops electric from flowing to the washer if a leak is detected. It in no way repairs or replaces my leaking washer.

After tons of research online I decided to brave the intimidating contraption to find the source of the leak. Let me show you what I found:

That would be an inside view of my washer. Apparently it had been leaking for quite some time and completely rusted out the interior of the washer. I couldn't even completely remove the front even though it should easily lift up and out because the rust had welded it into place. While digging around in there I found 2 obvious leaks and figured out my water pump was bad. I looked up the parts and was looking at close to $300 before shipping and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to do the work myself.

UGH! I've had these maybe 4 months. The really depressing thing is that I LOVED this set. I really enjoy using them and they clean our clothes better than anything I've ever experienced. I cried...a lot. Crying is kinda what I do now apparently.

I called Jared and told him that we were going to have to replace it. He knows I would fix it if I could. I just think this one is outside of my capabilities and it seemed foolish to invest in a washer that's insides look like it's been left out in a monsoon.

At 1 pm I loaded up the boys and headed out with our savings in hand. Jared and I have been putting cash away for quite some time hoping to buy the family a new Mac computer. Apparently God knew this was in our future and the Mac we desperately want has yet to be released even though it was due out the first of January. Thankfully we actually had the cash we needed to replace our beloved washer.

I spent 4 hours visiting Nebraska Furniture Mart, Lowe's, and Home Depot trying to find the best deal for our family. Our boys did not appreciate being drug all over KC but handled it better than I could have hoped for.

With my mom by my side and my mother in law on the phone we found a really good deal on a highly rated set. We have a 5 year warranty with a lemon clause (if it breaks more than twice they replace it). With a family of 7 (eek! I can't wait!) we'll need a good set that will last and that's exactly what God provided.

Needless to say I'm worn slick and a little sad our dreams of a new computer for our home school family will have to wait. BUT I am thankful and full of praise that our God cares about the little things and provided yet again. Thank you Lord.

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