Saturday, January 10, 2009

Show Me The Cable!

Jared and I bought a really nice television for our bedroom about 3 weeks ago. It's amazing and I absolutely love it. As soon as we purchased it we called our cable provider (DirecTV) to install a receiver in our bedroom.

Jared literally spent 2 hours on the phone with a "resolution specialist" trying to get the best deal for our family. We have been faithful (addicted) customers for 8 1/2 years and thought that counted for something. After a lot of talking and being transferred from one person to the next we finally got a GREAT deal and I will have a HDTivo in my room as well as one in the living room. All this while not increasing our monthly bill, in fact it went down. Yes, Jared is just that good :)

The problem is they gave us 2 weeks until it will all be installed. So in the meantime I am being tortured with football (college & NFL) with no means of escape. By the time they finally get it all installed football season will be over or at least nearly so. I will enjoy having HGTV, and DHC as well as many others at my discretion and will be able to record things at my leisure without the worry of it being deleted to make room for old movies and documentaries. It is quite exciting, I just want it now :)

**In the living room Jared is watching football on the TV while his computer sits in his lap. I can hear football on the computer as well. He's watching some highlights or something. HELP HELP HELP :)**

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Anonymous said...

Can I just say I am super jealous? We are stationed overseas with the military so the only cable we get is AFN (armed forces network). Its only 10 of US channels. They do try to please everybody. They play the top 100 shows from the states and I super appreciate their effort but I would be happy if the only 2 channels on my tv were HGTV and DHC! 90% percent of the time there in nothing on I want to see. Maybe that is why I spend so much time on line reading people blogs ;) I don't actually have a blog but I do have a myspace