Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Thoughts 1/10/09

-I'm a little concerned right now. My 2 year old is still asleep and it's 11. Jared left a night light on his room when he hadn't ever had one before. I don't know if he just stayed up late due to the light or what. Regardless he's snoozing away with a precious angelic look on his face.

-My blow dryer started outright sparking when I used it so I finally replaced it. I bought a nice looking dryer at Target that apparently the manufacturer never actually used. It has to be the most awkward dryer created. When you grip the handle normally it either turns it off, turns it to low air, or turns it to low heat. Plus there's this weird dial at the top of the handle where my index finger desperately wants to reside. The dial then gets slid in the wrong direction and it sends non ionized air (whatever that means). It's going back.

-The ticker on the side of the page is awesome. It says today that we have 69 days left or 9 weeks and change. That's quite a departure from when I first put it up and we had over 250 days to go. My goodness I'm going to see her soon!

-I know that some people find mid-drifts sexy, but I'm guessing it's not on an 8 month pregnant chick. I have officially gotten to the point where my shirts are NOT long enough to cover my large belly. It's a little comical and somewhat concerning to be scarring my children for life by exposing my middle to all short people (there's enough of an angle you really have to be under 4ft to see it). As boys they are weirded out by my exposed belly.

-I love sugar free Tropical Punch Kool-Aid. It's yummy, cold, sweet and sugar free. I've been drinking it by the gallon. I can't imagine it can hurt to be really hydrated at this stage.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha I remember the exposed belly! When I was pregnant with my daughter I worked at Lowes. I cant stand the way maternity pants cover your belly so I used to roll them down causing about an inch of flesh to show. The HR lady kept yelling at me for violating the dress code because my belly is not supposed to show! lol like I was trying to be sexy!

I added the same pregnacy ticker you did and mine just made it to 100 days! yay! Mine seems to be taking forever! I love reading about yours though I really cant wait to see pictures!


Shannon said...

Thank you so much for reading my goofy ramblings :) I would love to check out your blog as well if you want to leave the address. I really appreciate the comments. Congrats on your baby as well :) Maybe I ought to get a belly decoration to give people something fun to look at other than the stretch marks and overly stressed belly button :)