Saturday, January 3, 2009

Attention Attention!!

Are you wanting to eat healthier? How about cheaper? I have great news but you have to act fast.

From now until Tuesday the 6th area Price Choppers are having a "Healthier You" sale.

They have boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.19/pound. That's ridiculously cheap for those of you who don't know the price of chicken. We eat tons of chicken and this will save our family significantly over the next couple months. I bought chicken (and some beef) today and spent $121.00 but saved $111.00. They had to call a manager over to my register to approve the sale because I saved soo stinkin much. YAY! It's a bit of a hit at first financially but the savings over the next few months will be wonderful.

As a Weight Watcher we eat primarily chicken breasts and lean ground beef. They also have their 93% lean ground beef on sale for $2.29/pound. For all you WW members out there this is a Filling Foods Fantasy! Go hog wild, or at least Go Healthy Portion Wild!

For those of you who love those quick frozen foods Price Chopper's lean cuisine meals are 50% off of their normal prices. There are several of these that I absolutely love. They are quite tasty and have the points values on the side of the box.

I am not an advocate for New Years Resolutions but I am an advocate for a healthier you (and me) and the best way to achieve that is to purge your house of the unhealthy junk and fill it with yummy health conscience options. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Take advantage of this sale and all the other "deals" out there right now targeting those who have decided weight loss is a goal for 09'. Just be an exception and make life changes for you and your family!

YAY cheap healthy food!!

***Update...Our friend Pat B. went and spent $140 on chicken but saved $275. Now that's a deal.***

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