Saturday, January 17, 2009

1 Peter 1:6

I spent some time on the phone with my sweet friend Michelle this evening. During our conversation she shared this with me. A friend of hers wrote it and it is extremely poignant at this time in her life. I wanted to share it with all of you.


"Now when the milk spills, I just smile and say, "If it's OK with You, it's OK with me." When I get a flat tire, when I stub my toe, when my heart gets broken, when the light turns red, when the grocery check out line is ten people long, when the stock market crashes, when the lights go out, when my husband is rude, when I am misunderstood, when the cancer comes, when the loved one dies ... ! Whatever my gracious Lord brings to my life is OK with me. My heart rest in the truth of 1Peter 1:6 ... that we are distressed by various trials because it is necessary to strengthen our faith."

In my prayers for her healing I still praise the Lord. We both agreed that even though trials hurt we love the closeness and dependency we feel on Christ. As hard as it is to come through tribulation we are so blessed by the closeness with our Creator and Comforter.

If it's okay with You it's okay with me. Take me, make me, break me, whatever YOUR will Lord.

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