Friday, January 23, 2009

Moving On Up

I spent most of the day yesterday organizing and decorating Anneliese's room. Graham was super curious why it was I took down his bed and kept saying, "this is Gammy's woom."

The older boys helped me by taking the old crib in pieces out to the garage and brought in the new one. The other day while at the Goodwill I found a changing table dresser that matched her crib perfectly. They took $50 off the price (Thanks Mom!) and I bought it immediately. I couldn't wait to see it all together.

It's amazing how real that pink nursery makes everything. I've been dreaming the last week or so about her delivery. Each time I ask,"Is it still a girl?!"

I was concerned about Graham's first night in with the big boys. I didn't nap him so that he'd be really tired. He did fantastic. He slept 12 hours and we didn't hear a peep out of him. The older boys went to bed about 40 minutes after Graham and they did great being quiet and they didn't disturb him at all. I was super impressed.

Here's her room so far. The new dresser is missing a knob but I ordered a set of knobs that match her cribbing. They'll be here by Monday! :


Jenny said...

It's looking great!!!!

Alisa said...

I'm soooo excited for you. It looks really sweet!