Thursday, January 22, 2009


I feel huge. Ginormous to be exact and I decided to look back at my previous pregnancies to see if I do indeed get bigger. Apparently the answer is YES so I thought I'd share. It's kinda funny (by funny I mean I can laugh at it now that it's in the past).

9 mos and at my heaviest ever with Brennan Conner. Sept 00'

The day I delivered Tanner at 37 weeks and my second heaviest ever. Dec 01' Sorry for the poor picture but it's the only one I have that shows the ridiculousness of my middle. Tanner was our largest thus far at 9lbs 30z and 24 inches long.

This is Easter at Grandma Anita's just days before I delivered Elijah also at 37 weeks. April 04' Again this is the only pic I have right before delivery. Elijah was my first post Weight Watcher's baby. I weighed less at 9mos than I did at my first OB appointment with Brennan by 6lbs.

At the hospital at 34 weeks with Graham. He was born the next day and was our smallest baby weighing in at only 6lbs 13oz. March 06' I actually weighed the same to the pound as I did the day I delivered Elijah.

We are a full 32 weeks with Anneliese so we are definitely nearing delivery. I'm hoping she'll follow suit with her brothers and come at 37 weeks which puts her at Feb 28th. IF that's the case she'll be here in just 5 short weeks. But even if she's stubborn (like I've heard girls are) we'll still be holding our little girl in a little over 7 weeks. I'll be sure to add another belly pic as we get closer.

As far as the hugeness I feel and the weight issue...While going through these pictures I found several postpartum pics with Mommy and Elijah and Mommy and Graham. It was encouraging to see that I will regain my not so round figure. I was back to normal with Eli in just 4 short months and with Graham in 6 (that was without dieting since my Dad had just passed I really didn't care much about my weight).

Regardless even if I stayed just as round I'd do it again. She's worth every ounce!


The Lane's said...

Love the pics!

Alisa said...

I think you are beautiful in all of them. Love that pregnant glow!

Shannon said...

That's awful generous Alisa :) I do have to admit I sure love having babies. Labor and Delivery is by far my favorite part. All the waiting coming to fruition and finally meeting God's precious creation! Oh my goodness I can't wait! It's surreal that it's the last time but at the same time it just seems right for the first time. Our family is finally complete. Come quickly sweet angel!

Amy said...

I want brownie points for refraining from making a comment. It is difficult for me, but I am too afraid that you will go all crazy pregnant chick on me.

You know I love you, and you look beautiful.

Wait, does this count as a comment???

Shannon said...

Okay Amy you're going to have to explain that weird comment :) Otherwise I will go crazy pregnant chick on you. I have no idea what you're implying and you know I'll make it worse than it is. You're better off just laying it on me knowing I'll only be pregnant for a little longer and then the somewhat reasonable Shannon will return.