Friday, January 9, 2009

Is It a Conspiracy?

I want pink hangers. Is that too much to ask? I've checked Wal-Mart and Target on MULTIPLE occasions and there aren't ever any pink hangers.

Well, there were some yesterday at Wal-Mart but they had the cardboard removed and were just loose on the rod with no UPC and I wasn't even sure if all 10 were there.

There are 5 men in my house. It may seem ridiculous but I would like to have pink hangers for the precious little bitty pink clothes. Oh, and a couple pink tubs for clothing storage. I'm not quite understanding why I can buy a gray tub that's big enough to put a couple children in (not that I would, I've seen the warning on the lid) for $9 yet a tiny pink tub of half the quality and a fourth of the size costs the same. Is the pink dye that rare and expensive that it increases the cost of production?

I was explaining my horrible dilemma to my husband this morning and when I finally made eye contact with him all I received was a smirk. I was telling him how much easier my life would be with pink storage tubs nicely labeled 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 in our attic space so I could just open the door and quickly spot the tub that I needed. Or better yet be able to send one of the older boys into the attic to retrieve the tub for me.

He gave me a loving nod and then began explaining that 50% of all pregnant women are having girls and they too are irrationally insisting on pink hangers and pink tubs. That should explain why the hangers are hard to find. As for the cost of the tubs, it's simply because Wal-Mart knows irrational pregnant chicks like myself are nesting and will pay $9 for a tiny pink tub.

Well, not me Wal-Mart! I refuse to succumb to your crafty ploys. As far as the hangers are concerned, I will find them. I'm sure there are tiny pink hangers to be had somewhere!


Anonymous said...

They have pink hangers at Babies R Us. I love anything and everything pink. . . and I'm not pregnant!! I have a pink vacuum for crying out loud!! Happy hunting. ~Abie

Anonymous said...

When I was pregnant with my daughter 5 years ago all I wanted was a pink umbrella stroller (you know the kind under $20)I couldn't find one that wasn't ridiculously expensive now they have them everywhere!