Wednesday, August 6, 2008

1st Appointment

I went in early this morning for my first OB visit. I was so eager to see our little peanut just for peace of mind.

Every thing looked really good and I saw that precious heart just beating away. Dr. Sheridan said that our chances of miscarriage at this point are less than 5%. In his words, "looks like this chick is gonna hatch, congratulations."

He did say that the baby's measurements make it just a few days younger than we thought but we are going back 2 weeks from today for another sonogram to make sure of the due date. We are still looking at the end of March.

I will share sonogram images but honestly it just looks like a tiny blob. The baby is the obvious oval within the sack. During the sonogram the very middle of the image is where the heartbeat was and it was so perfect. I could even see the valve opening and closing.

World...this is our new baby. New baby...World.


Anonymous said...

Happy day. . .I love sonograms! Precious lil peanut!! Be healthy. ~Abie

Los Cannon said...

Precious baby. Congratulations!! So glad to hear that everything is going well. Blessings, Becca