Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ready To Rock!

This weekend is Rock The Light and I am SO excited. I am struggling from weekend-itus. The boys have school today and tomorrow and I don't wanna and neither do they. Tanner told me this afternoon, "Mom I'm having a hard time keeping on my work. I can't seem to focus." I encouraged him to keep at it or receive punishment but honestly I wanted to holler, "Me Either! Let's go take a nap!"

I have to work tonight (my last Thursday night meeting) and I have to take the boys along. Jared has an elder's as well as an architect meeting at the church. The good thing is my meeting is in a church and there is a nursery across the hall. I'm sure they'll do fine just playing for about 30 minutes.

Next week I have the whole week off and the week after that is booked. I'm working back to back meetings on Monday, a Tuesday night, Thursday morning and Saturday morning. YIKES! It's all for the termites. Ugh.

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