Saturday, August 23, 2008

Graham Sporting His Thomas Breifs

Graham has been doing really well today. He's had 2 accidents but as long as I remember to say something about every 30 minutes he does great. Mommy gets distracted and Graham has an accident. Here's a picture of our big boy:

Jared and I were talking last night and if he is able to potty train this 6 months will be the first time in 8 years we won't have a child in diapers! That's crazy! I also figured that in 6 months we spend $360 in diapers and about $60 in wipes. Wowza. My goal is to keep that money in our budget and start stocking up on diapers for baby #5. YAY Graham! The older boys are enjoying encouraging him as well. They'll call him "big boy" and ask if he needs help going potty. So sweet. What a wonderful surprise.

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The Elliotts have saved some serious coin by using Comfy Bummy cloth diapers (and potty training shortly after their 2nd birthday).

Congrats Graham on your new adventure!