Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our Date

Here are some pictures from our date day in St. Charles. We headed out late morning and stopped at Chevy's for some delicious TexMex. It was amazing and SO delicious. My favorite part was their parking.

After our lunch we decided to walk off some of the chips we consumed while wandering the old brick streets of St. Charles.

We had a wonderful time. We weren't able to stay too long however because of the heat. It was sweltering. Jared was manning the camera and at one point said, "Hey why don't you stand looks good. Just smile." So I did as I was told and then he showed me why he picked this particular spot notice the sign above my head (and the baby bump, hee hee):

It really was a fun weekend full and we are so thankful to be home. We don't have any plans to be away from the kids in the near future and I think all our babysitters are glad to hear that. We really are so thankful to all of you who made it possible for us to go both financially as well as taking care of the boys and supporting us as a family. Thank you so much.

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