Monday, August 18, 2008

S minus 2 days

Wednesday is our second sonogram. I can't wait to see how the baby has grown. We also will have confirmation on our due date. I am having pretty constant ligament pulls (proof that the uterus is rearranging and expanding) and I'm definitely growing.

I received several comments at church yesterday about how round I look. I don't mind so much I guess. I've come to the realization that whether you gain while pregnant or not it really has no determination on your overall long term health. I have had people a hundred pounds over weight tell me they only gained a few pounds during their pregnancy 30 years ago and women tinier than I'll ever be say they gained 80 during their pregnancies. I'm determined not to beat myself up about the abundant weight I will inevitably gain (4 x's so far why would this one be different?). Obviously my lifestyle while not pregnant is what will determine whether or not I'll be obese late in my life.

For some reason I just always get a little anxious about being weighed.

Jenny and I are still walking. We walk 3-4 x's a week and easily walk 3 miles or more each time. I know that walking will be beneficial to my health as well as the baby's. I'm already having a lot less physical issues than I did with Graham and Eli. My hip is great and my overall emotional health is really positive with an occasional irrational hiccup.

God is good and I will post a black and white blob as soon as I have the pictures. This time we should be able to make out more of a baby shape verses the round object within the black abyss. YAY!

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