Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Fetus Rocks!

"10 Weeks Gestation

* The unborn child is now called a fetus, rather than an embryo.
* The head is half the length of the body.
* The arms and legs are long and thin.
* The hands can make a fist with fingers.
* Red blood cells are produced.
* The length is about 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 inches."

Obviously we believe life begins at conception so our little peanut has been a baby to us from pink line number two. I strongly believe that the connection between mom and baby starts as soon as the mother is aware of the life that resides within.

I have read that pregnancy is like a 9 month marathon. I don't believe I would gain nearly 60 lbs running a 9 month marathon but I understand the intensity and longevity of the strain a mother's body endures while hosting life. I am in awe of the shear fatigue that plagues me. I read that the early fatigue is primarily due to the creation of the placenta. It's such a complex organ and requires a lot of fuel to create and maintain. The placenta is complete late in the 3rd month. Almost there.

I love the show A Baby Story on TLC and yesterday there was a family that had 5 boys and were pregnant with their 6th child who happened to be a girl. I loved the parents and how they talked about their big family. At one point the mom said, "I don't think about how many kids I have, I just do what I do and love it." The dad then said,"If you can do 2 then you can do 3, if you can do 4 then you can do 5. It's just not that difficult to add one to the group and we love our large family." It was so refreshing to see another large family that really just cherishes their kids verses seeing them as a burden like so much of the world does.

While hitting a few garage sales Saturday I came upon a treasure of little girl clothes. I really just wanted one or two pieces and my mom was trying to talk me out of it (she just doesn't want me to get worked up for a girl and get disappointed). A lady also shopping commented that I wouldn't need to worry about purchasing the little onsies and such because that's what showers are for. I smiled and said, "Well this is my 5th and I have all boys. Most people don't have showers for the 5th and if it's a girl we're starting from scratch." She literally looked up at me stunned with disgust on her face. I couldn't help myself I looked right at her and said, "You look pained." She just shuffled off.

We feel so blessed by each little life God has entrusted to us. We love our large family and I don't think about how many I have or the work that's involved, I just do what I do and love it.

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