Friday, August 15, 2008

New Part $41; Fixing it yourself, Priceless

Our fridge went caput last night and I was concerned it was curtains for our beautiful side by side that we've had just a year (it was used, it's actually about 5 years old). I started shopping for new used one on Craigslist and realized quickly that we'd be living out of ice chests for a while if I couldn't fix it.

Kenny and Mary G. came by today to put the finishing touches on our cabinet (2 ovens, 0 fridges if you're keeping count). While they were here they told me about an appliance parts store down on 10th and Connecticut. I called and they had our part for the same price as the internet with shipping and I could have it this morning vs Tues or later. I decided to run down there and get it so I could know the fate of our fridge sooner.

Once home I pulled the fridge out from the wall and begun studying the directions and within about 15 minutes the fridge was back in working order. The compressor is fine and we have cold air!!! Yipeeeee. The starter relay was apparently fried, add a fresh one and viola.

I fixed it!!!!! HOOO HOOO. I am dancing with joy. I am so thankful and God is so good. There's a part of me that's glad we're broke. I wouldn't have even tried if we had the ability to call someone out or purchase a new one. There's so much satisfaction in figuring it out and doing it myself. Priceless!


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed by your determination and desire to tackle things yourself. I'm proud of you! So thankful that it's fixed!!! PTL


Jenny said...