Thursday, August 14, 2008

Surprise!!! You have termites!

Early this morning I received a phone call from the Orkin man. We currently are under contract with them for pest control and apparently with that comes a free termite inspection. He asked if he could come by today and I foolishly said SURE.

The boys and I have had a pretty laid back morning and he showed up around 11. He seemed nice enough. I gave him the nickle tour and he began his inspection. His demeanor changed significantly the more he inspected. Apparently our garage is a termite buffet. I wouldn't really care too awful much except for the fact he says it's so close to the house the could easily tunnel to the house if they haven't already.

At this point I'm getting a little nervous as he chats freely about the cost of other peoples termite control. "There's a gal over in Basehor that had termites pretty bad in her detached garage and we did her house and the garage and saved her nearly a thousand dollars by doing them both at the same time!!! It was going to be $3500 and we worked her a deal for only $2400. Isn't that GREAT!"

I just keep thinking about how our escrow account jumped our house payment $200 last month and our payments for the new baby have been set up and how it may as well be 2 million 400 thousand because we just don't even kinda have money like that.

He continued on into the house announcing I may want to get Jared on the phone to hear this...

We have termites yes we do we have termites how bout you?!

Apparently they're infesting our basement and crawl space under our laundry room and bedroom. We also have carpenter ants and they can be taken care of with an additional charge of just $350 per level (we have 2)! Ain't that a bargain?

Last night in our new bible study about believing God, Beth Moore taught us something.

1. God is who He says He is.
2. God can do what He says He'll do.
3. I am who God says I am.
4. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
5. His Word is alive and abides in me.

So, I cried I'll be honest but my tears came while speaking those 5 truths and announcing my trust that God will take care of even this. Our final tally was $2400 payable in 12 monthly installments of $250 with a one time interest charge of 22% unless we are able to just hand over the full payment in cash.

Jared and I are planning on doing some research and investigating all our options but until then I am going to just Trust that the Lord will provide and assume we have a week or two before the floor collapses (kidding).

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Jeff E said...

NO NO NO NO!!!!!!

I had the Orkin man at my house in Lansing also (had termites in the mulch by the house). We signed the contract, but I opted out within the 3 day grace period (had to deliver it IN PERSON) in Overland Park...they weren't happy.

I had it done for $700 from a local guy who I really liked...they drilled the sidewalks...garage, etc.

E-mail me if you want the guy's name...I think I can track it down.