Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're Cookin' Now!

I have been asked by several family members to post pictures of the new cabinet "already!" So here they are. Kenny and Mary G. custom made a cabinet for our kitchen to house another oven. I thought with 5 children and a hankerin' for company we would really benefit from two ovens. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the results. Please keep in mind there are a few finishing touches yet to be done. There will be crown molding across the front blending it with the other cabinets and obviously there will be doors but they had to go home with Kenny for some alterations. Tomorrow it should be complete.

Here's the before (sorry it's the best I could find) There was a small desk that served only to collect clutter. We stored our pop and potatoes underneath and everything else on the desktop:

Here's the after:

The bottom has two drawers that hold 100 lbs each and I am able to fill them with all my baking goods. I LOVE how much it holds. Once all the finishing touches are done I'll add another picture. We baked cookies in it this evening and it worked awesome. I am so excited and plan to have a dinner to thank all of those involved. Plus having the new addition did rev up my cleaning gland. I went into high gear today and was able to get all kinds of things accomplished. So we're clean and cookin! YAY!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! It looks great! So happy for you!

love ya,

Jenny said...

It looks great!