Friday, August 1, 2008

No, I stayed in a Holiday Inn Select

Jared and I checked in yesterday at 4 and after given our room key we very excitedly headed up the elevator. In order to get to our floor you had to use the key in the elevator. Seemed pretty fancy to us.

Once we arrived on the 6th floor we went to the room, inserted the key, opened and...the room was occupied. There was a suitcase on the floor, the bed was messed and a coffee sat on the counter with a ton of pocket change. Awkward! Apparently they double booked the room. We drug our things back down stairs to the front desk.

That poor little guy was sweating bullets. We were gifted the "suite" from Zach and Maeve because they had booked another hotel for their first night. The suite was comped by the hotel since their entire families had booked rooms and they rented a conference room for the reception. The clerk was searching floor after floor and there were no rooms available. He finally found a room on the top floor in the back corner.

The room is fine and we were finally able to cool it off. The only issue is the bed. It's not rock hard like most hotel beds, it's ancient. No joke. This bed is like visiting your grandparents and using their spare room that has the bed they were given on their wedding day 800 years ago. We both roll to the center and have to reset ourselves by grabbing onto the edge. I guess they figure newlyweds wouldn't mind dog piling in the middle of the bed.

I actually slept fairly well believe it or not. I'd ask Jared how he slept but he's currently snoring behind me while I type. I'd say he's fine :)

We went to a local mall last night after dinner at the church. We just walked around and enjoyed each other. It's really nice to have some time to remember why we picked one another. We've been able to have several conversations uninterrupted. Today's our date day and I'm off to the shower. I bought a tank top yesterday at Motherhood Maternity that says "Craving Chocolate." I'm eager to put it good use today.

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Jenny said...

I hope you guys have a great day. It's always nice to get alone time to remember why you are together. :)