Thursday, July 31, 2008

St. Louie

We arrived safe and sound.  It took us nearly 5 hours because my pregnant self couldn't go to long without a bathroom break.  

Kyle D. rode a long and he and I had fun serenading Jared on the ride.  We plugged in the ol' ipod and poor Jared got hours of Kyle and I off key and really loud.  It was fun until they started talking fantasy football and I zoned out and listened to a little J.T. on my own for the last 45 mins or so.  

I am entering into the "feed me now" stage of the pregnancy.  I have been craving tacos something fierce so we had Taco Bell for lunch and it hasn't ever tasted so good.  It's funny because I think my cravings so far have been far more specific than previous pregnancies.  Butter tastes wonderful, burgers rock, and anything mexican is a necessity.  I may have to try Culver's I hear they have Butter Burgers add a soft taco supreme and I'm in heaven!

I told Kyle that I liked the name Hazel and he said if we used it he would lovingly call her Hazelnut.  How cute is that?  I may call her that myself.  I found an old friend on Facebook and she has a little girl who's middle name is Karinne (Karen but with a soft "i").  I LOVE it and think Hazel Karinne is pretty.  We have also talked about Scarlett and tonight I met a Scarlett and I asked her what she thought of her name.  She insisted that she loved it and any little girl would be blessed to have it.  Her friends nicknamed her Scarly or Letta Joe (her middle name is Joe).

Tomorrow we have a date planned for the entire day because the wedding isn't until evening.  We are heading out to the historic St. Charles for some antiquing and wandering around.  Jared said it's like old Weston.  I can't wait.  

The boys are being spoiled and so are we.  This weekend is a blessing.  

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