Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Why doesn't my 2 year old nap? Does that seem fair or right to you? I am currently listening to the frustrated cries of a child that was removed prematurely from his crib by Tanner. He is not frustrated for being released he's upset for some unknown reason and unable to cope due to his fatigue.

School today took a long and agonizing 4 hours to complete. No one really seemed able to focus. Thankfully for 2 hours of it Graham was in his bed refusing to nap verses crawling all over me and writing an "A" on his brother's paperwork.

If he won't sleep he will at least jump incessantly in his crib for a hour or two. I would like to say it's for quiet time or rest but he's not able to do either. He's like the energizer bunny on crack. Lucky for him he's stinking adorable or he may just be intolerable :)

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sugarbumkin said...

Leigha flat out stopped napping around three or so. She'd go to bed, then ten minutes later come out and say, "Can I get up now?" I'd say no, she'd go back, and half an hour later, "Can I get up now?" After I while I realized she just didn't need the nap at all and put her to bed slightly earlier in the evening to compensate. Brianna needs her sleep or she's a tiny, scary, ogre.