Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Name Fun!

I was home without Jared on Thursday from 9 am-10:30 pm so I entertained myself. I have mentioned my love for the name Hazel and it dawned on me that this baby is likely going to be a boy so I probably should look at those as well :)

Here's some that I found on the internet. Let me know what you think. I'll list them favorite to least favorite but still awesome.

Harris-When the boys were quick to say, "I'll call him Hairy Butt! Hey Harry are you hairy?" added with tons of giggles. This may seriously affect our decision.

Max- The actual names are Maxwell or Maximillion. I don't really care for either of those so we would probably just call him Max. It's a nice German name (Jared's family). Jared's worried lots of people will say, "I used to have a dog named that!" I'm not too concerned about what's popular in the dog realm. After all I named my dog one of the top 5 girl names for the last 2 years (Sophia). I do have to admit Maury was really close to being a Max.

Matthias-This means Gift of God. I really like it but am concerned that as a nick namer I will call him Matty for the rest of his life. My brother Mathew has been called Matty by his big sis for 21 years. Plus when mentioning it to the boys they looked like they had just sucked on a lemon. I have to admit it does sound a little formal.

Myles-Jared doesn't even like it so I guess I probably shouldn't list it since it doesn't have an honest chance. I like it. He thinks it sounds wimpy and nerdy. Oh well. Maybe we'll just name him Ace or Killer or something ;)

All of these names follow our rule of a new letter for the beginning and ending of the their name compared to the other kids. I really think my favorite right now is Max simply because of the kids eagerness to make fun of Harris. I love to hear your suggestions and opinions. Comment often ;)

BTW When Jared's precious grandmother was here on July 3rd I mentioned to her our love of the name Hazel and she just sat there. I said,"don't you like it?" Her response was,"Well hopefully you'll have a full 9 months to think of a better name." Apparently in the generations before mine Hazel had a similar connotation to Dorcas. For example: when you do something without thought or make a mistake you would teasingly be called Hazel. Who knew! I still love it though :)

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Los Cannon said...

I had no idea you had this blog...I'm kinda slow, huh? Anyway, this is awesome news! I'll definitely be praying for you and this pregnancy. I agree that a girl would be nice...however, I should warn you that they are just as accident prone, dirty, and ornery as boys (at least mine are)! I'm picking my favorite boy names this time, even though I know we'll probably have another girl. Haven't even looked at girls' names yet, but I've got a plethora of those stored up in my brain anyway. By the way, I like Matthias or Myles for a boy. I know a teenage guy named Miles and he couldn't be cooler - he's awesome at baseball too - so tell Jared it isn't whimpy or nerdy at all. Blessings and Congrats!