Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Best Evening!

Last night Jared and I had the pleasure of being invited to Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Champ's wedding (yay!). Before Jared was hired at WCCC we worked at Rushville Christian Church for 5 years. This particular wedding was like reunion for us. The Bride was from our current church of 8 years and the groom was from our previous church of 5.

Jared and I are 31 and we were hired at Rushville at 19. So when you are talking about 13 years these two church families have been a major part of our adult lives. We were able to see people we haven't seen in years. It was such a blessing!

Jared commented that out of the 10 people in the wedding party 8 of them had been in his youth group at one point. I have to admit it was odd to see these two worlds of ours combining. We had Brian Champ (Rushville) and Leanne Prince (WCCC) walking down the isle together as the best man and matron of honor. They are both people that Jared and I love and respect. They both were great roll models in their youth groups and now are upstanding amazing adults that we just love to spend time with and there they were...together.

It was so much fun. We stayed out until after ten and didn't even realize the time had passed. I think the best part was people realizing that we were expecting and it was our 5th. We were greeted with smiles, encouragement, excitement and love. It was such a blessing to be reunited with so many of God's family. I imagine we caught a small glimpse of what heaven will be like.

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