Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby Bjorn

Here are some pic of the super cool diaper bag. It's black with silver pulls. The flash washes it out a bit. When completely closed it is really compact but just wait until it's completely open! Too Cool!

The amount of storage in this thing is absolutely unreal. I tried to pull some pictures off of their website because it shows the bag full of baby items and wonderfully organized but there's some sort of copyright or something :) Quite the find! I am going to start using it for our little Graham since he's a typical Altic boy and not even interested in potty training. He's 2 and a half and if he follows his older siblings we have another 6 months of diaper changes.

The good news is he should be fully trained by the time our newest gets here. I fully plan on going from buying size 6 diapers to size N (newborn). Can't wait!

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