Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ouchie Mamma

My legs are so sore! I must say I'm embarrassed that after a 3 mile walk I'm so stinking sore. It was not that long ago I was running 5-6 miles several times a week. Apparently stopping all exercise for a couple months seriously affects my stamina.

It is my goal to walk at least 5 days a week early in the morning before the heat strikes. I am excited to think that it could actually help me keep my weight in check. I actually felt a lot better the rest of the day.

The other thing I'm noticing is I'm very quick tempered and have been raising my voice to the kids. I pulled out my Home Schooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit and decided to do the study that comes with it. I really don't want my pregnancy to be a burden to my family. I highly recommend this book to any mother not just home schoolers. She has a lot of practical and spiritual advice on how to be a firm yet meek and quiet parent. My goal is for my children to remember me as someone who loved them dearly and devoted my life to their spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing, NOT as a screamer.

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