Monday, July 21, 2008

"Lily" Update

Jared read my blog earlier and said he likes Lily just fine but really isn't sure about Liliana (lily-on-a). The funny part was he said he doesn't feel like he can object since God gave it to me in a vision.

Not exactly what happened :) The only problem with going just with Lily is that it's super high on the list of common names. I'm not entirely sure why this bugs me since my kids are home schooled. Unless I stuttered and named two children by the same name they're pretty much guaranteed to be the only one in their class.

The more I think about Lilyana I like it. I think it's unique and pretty. I thought I had kinda made it up but apparently it's a name in it's own right and is on the dreaded list. It's in the lower 100's and I have to say I haven't ever heard of anyone named that.

The good news is we have plenty of time and there's always the chance it will be a boy.


Anonymous said...

I like Lily! I think it's sweet. Mom

Anonymous said...

I like Lily but thought that Liliana or Lilyana was pronounced (lily - anna). I can see where Jared might feel helpless to object. Just give it time. We did not worry about a name until we knew the sex, then we had a couple of names picked out and named them when we saw them. God will tell you again or tell Jared. Just ask Him! - Teresa

Shannon said...

I've read it both ways online but I'm not sure which I prefer. Jared doesn't seem to like it much at all so it may be a moot point. I also like Lilian and Lilia. We aren't really "worried" yet. Name searching is just a fun way to pass the time until we do know who's in there :)