Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not So Bad

I went today to pick up the pack n play. The listing on craigslist had the same picture as the one I showed in my previous post and she said the only difference was the coloring. I was so excited. We drove over there gave her the cash and drove home.

Does anyone see the obvious mistake? I didn't check it...at all. Once I got home I took it out of the package and realized it's not even the right brand name let alone the right style. It stunk really bad, I mean REALLY bad. I know better so I was more frustrated at myself than anything.

Once I took it apart and scrubbed it senseless it's actually not that bad. It's not the fancy one I wanted. I probably could have bought a new one for just a little more than I paid her for this one since it's not the fancier style (ugh). But all in all now that it's clean it's pretty nice. It's my favorite color combination. It's a soft yellow and chambray blue. The little toys on the toy bar hadn't even been used and were still in the original packaging. It also has a lights and sounds feature. There is a little radio type thing that attaches to the side that plays music and nature sounds as well as having a soft light to see the baby by. I didn't think it worked at first but after some new batteries it works just fine.

It smells like fresh laundry and is a lot nicer than the old one I had. I wanted the fancier style because I was going to use it in our room for the bassinet. We have a nice wooden bassinet that I can use. I tried to repost it now that it's clean but internet browser won't load the page.

I emailed the seller explaining my frustrations but honestly it was my fault for not checking it out first. Here it is tell me what you would do...


Jenny said...

Does it have the bassinet thingy??

Shannon said...

Yes, in the second picture if you look close you can see the bottom is up much higher. That's the bassinet and it also has the changing pad but it's outside drying after I hosed it down :)