Saturday, July 12, 2008

Positively Beautiful

Starting about 3 days ago I started getting super faint lines on pregnancy tests. Jared questioned my eyesight and I promised to keep testing (love those Dollar Tree tests) until I was able to give him an obvious line.

Yesterday I tested with two different tests. First the Dollar Tree test and the line was there but super faint. I headed off to Wal-Mart to get an Early Answer test. When I got home I used it and had a faint line almost immediately. I showed it to Jared and he saw it but still was hoping for something darker. This morning I used another dollar tree test and there it was! Within a minute a nice obvious line.

I am guessing that 4 positives is a positively wonderful sign that we are PREGNANT! I've been a little gun shy because of last month but to have consistent lines that are getting darker with each day is a pretty big confidence booster.

With my history of miscarriage I am going in on Monday to have some preliminary labs done just to make sure my levels are increasing at a healthy rate. My due date is March 20, 09. Supposedly each pregnancy gets progressively shorter so maybe I'll have a birthday baby (March 4).

While reading online there is a lot of abbreviations, acronyms, and phrases that go along with people ttc (trying to conceive). BFP (big fat positive), BFN (big fat negative), DPO (days post ovulation), EDD (estimated due date), Sticky bean (a baby that isn't lost through miscarriage, it sticks).

Jared and I would appreciate your prayers for our newest little bean. Prayers that he or she is a sticky bean.

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