Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Great Morning!

I went for my walk this morning. I walked 3 miles and burned over 300 calories (thank you nike plus). While I was walking I decided to walk to a super nice neighborhood near us and walk their sidewalks.

I didn't realize they were having their neighborhood garage sales! What a nice walk!! I get to get in some exercise and shop in a ritzy neighborhood. Since all I had on me was a $10, my cell phone and my ipod I decided stopping was silly because I would have to carry any purchases a mile and a half back home. Silly is my middle name apparently. I couldn't help myself. This one house had tons of new baby stuff and I thought I should just check and see if she had any maternity clothing.

***Quick aside. You would think I would have tons since this is my 5th. Problem is I gave it all away to my sweet expecting friend because we were...ummm...done. So now I am preggers, starting to show and have nothing to wear.***

Not only did she have some, but she had a ton and it was all beautiful and IN MY SIZES!!!! She too goes from small/medium to OH MY GOODNESS. Her baby was also due in March. This was a match made in big belly heaven. I asked her if she would consider just selling me the tub worth for a good deal. Honestly a good deal would have been a couple hundred dollars. All these clothes were immaculate and designer brands. She thought about it for a while and ended up offering the tub full plus several other pieces she found in another tub for $80. That was still a lot of money for us.

Jared and I discussed our finances and such and we decided that this would definitely save us money in the end and honestly it's such nice name brand stuff I shouldn't have any trouble reselling it after 1 pregnancy.

The best part that being a minister's wife and weight watcher's leader I need nicer stuff to wear to work and all of this would work for home, church or work! Here's $80 worth of fancy maternity clothes:

47 Shirts (mainly blouses/couple t-shirts)

7 Tank Tops (4 of which are nursing tanks with built in nursing snaps on straps)

5 pairs of shorts

4 dresses

2 skirts

11 pairs of pants/jeans/capri pants(2)

1 swimsuit

1 night gown

2 leisure out fits. One cranberry terry pant and jacket set, and one white knit set with a pink satin stripe up the leg and on the arm of the jacket (still has the tags on it!!)

Whoo hoo! I shouldn't need another thing for the rest of this pregnancy or for postpartum. It's quite the wardrobe. Now I have to empty my closet of all the non stretchy stuff and start hanging up my new purchases. Is that a good deal or what! Oh, and I walked home a got the van.

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Anonymous said...

That is amazing! Way to go!!!
I love good shopping stories.