Wednesday, July 16, 2008

5 weeks

Do you have a list of questions for God? Seriously. I often have thoughts and can't wait to get to heaven and just ask. I also wonder if once we have our new bodies and new minds if we will just know all the things that don't make much since in this world.

Now on the less "serious" side here is my question: Why weren't women created much like an oven? Hear me out. How much fear and worry would be reduced if we had a window in our belly that allowed us a look see at our uterus at any given moment? I wouldn't mind a button for the light as long as it was discreet. I could push said button, look in there and see that our little peanut is alive and well. Whew, what a relief that would be :)

Since we do not have a window or discreet button for lighting I thought I would search the internet and give you a glimpse of what a 5 week gestation baby looks like.

Wow, looks a lot like a green bean. It's about the size of a grain of rice. So why am I bloated out to there looking pregnant already? Could be that this being the 5th my body's like, "oh yeah, we've done this before." Is this be why everyone calls it their bean, or peanut? It's shocking that my little boys looked like this once. I guess we all looked like this once.

Regardless of how alien it looks right now I'm in love. Smoochie smoochie little bean. We can't wait to meet you, name you, kiss you, love you...

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sugarbumkin said...

We simply referred to Brianna as "lumpy."