Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just Thinking...

I guess I haven't written too much because I don't feel like I have a whole lot to report.

We're currently nearing the end of the 2 week wait between Ovulation and the end of the cycle. I've been very emotional the last week and a half as I mentioned in my earlier post. I find myself going back and forth from desperation and longing to contentment with our boys.

Today's a contentment day. I just feel like we're settling into an easier life. The kids are getting more and more self-sufficient and I have more freedom than I've had in years. Even when taking all 4 somewhere they are well behaved for the most part. School has been going well without much hiccups. Elijah really isn't quite ready for Abeka's kindergarten. I've decided to do their K4 curriculum with him and he's thriving.

Tash and I were talking today about pregnancy and the aches pains and pounds that go with it and I had some clarity of thought. It is rough to endure a pregnancy for most woman and nursing isn't always easy. Let's not even touch on the extreme impatience that comes with the postpartum weight loss. The main thing is that it is all temporary. The blessing of another child is life long. In this get it now society we tend to forget the big picture.

It's a very small percentage of your life when you consider the blessing of adding to your family. All the things I mentioned about the kids getting more self sufficient and easier would only be interrupted for a year, year and a half and then things will start to settle again. And to get you through the sleepless nights and jiggly belly you have a beautiful little baby that smells amazing and feels so soft and is all yours. The sweet smiles, the cooing, the tiny feet, and those precious little neck rolls that are just begging for kisses. I just can't wait (oops, there went the contentment).

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