Sunday, July 20, 2008

Morning, Noon, but mostly Night sickness

Wowza. I honestly don't remember being this ill with any of the boys (although Jared claims I complained plenty). Today was the worst day by far. I actually thought I would vomit on about 3 occasions.

I tried to eat to see if it would help and it really does for a few minutes but then it comes back full force. There isn't much of anything that sounds good and I have even been struggling to drink pop. Isn't that sad? I can't drink pop or coffee. I know that's good as far as the caffeine consumption is concerned, but I don't drink much else and nothing sounds good. I really don't want to end up dehydrated.

This is new to me. I'm not complaining just noting it. It's difficult to endure but encouraging knowing that my hormones must be increasing at a rapid rate for me to feel this off. I honestly believe any amount of sickness or weight issues (which one may take care of the other) are temporary and absolutely worth it.


Anonymous said...

First of all, CONGRATS!!!!! I am so happy for you guys. Second, I am new to this blog but think it's great. As for "all day" sickness, I suffered with all three babies and it's no fun. Especially when you have others to take care of. My secret was to eat small amounts throughout the day. I could never let my stomach feel empty or I was in trouble. Even when it's horribly hard to make yourself eat something, do it or it will only be worse. I also found that when I felt really bad peanut butter helped me to feel better quickly. I also had soda issues. When I'm pregnant I can't stand diet pop. Best wishes to you for a happy healthy pregnancy. P.S.. . . I am thinking about having a garage sale and selling my baby stuff, I will give you first dibs if I decide to. Tell everyone hello for me. ~Abie

Los Cannon said...

I feel for ya! I totally agree with Abie on eating small meals all day long. I'm 17 weeks (almost) and still having bouts occasionally with morning sickness - esp. when I start to feel hungry. It does get old always having to force something down your throat, though. I swear by SeaBands (you can get them at Walgreens, they are bands for seasickness). They aren't exactly cute, but they do help some. I'm not saying they'll completely cure the problem but I went from throwing up literally every hour, to maybe only once a day! (For me, that was a HUGE improvement:-)) I know it stinks, but at least you know everything is going well with Little Bean when you feel so terrible! Praying for you, Becca