Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Sweet Baby

My appointment was this morning. I had a full on sonogram and was able to see our little peanut. I saw hands and feet and our little "itsy bitsy" was moving all over the place. The sono tech said that they start moving around about week 9 and this little guy was doing the jig.

I have to admit that I cried when I was able to hear that precious heartbeat. It was a strong 162 beats a minute. I was so moved the tech asked if it was our first. I just chuckled and explained how I could never grow calloused to the sound of a life growing within. It was overwhelming and such a blessing. Here's some pics of our newest:

Our due date was confirmed and we are still looking at March 20. We are thrilled and so thankful for such a healthy little peanut.


Jenny said...

cute little peanut!

sugarbumkin said...

The one that says, "Precious!!!" Reminds me of Lord of the Rings and that's totally creepy in that capacity. Great pictures, though, that first one is amazingly clear!

Lainey said...

Hi baby!!!!!! Aww, I can't wait to meet you!!!!! :oD