Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Itchy and Scratchy

Yesterday we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon at my friend Amy's. I gave her a call in the early AM and asked if we could let the kids play. They pretty much only see each other at church and mine had been begging for some AJ time.

The boys really enjoyed playing outside in the water with their shirts off. It was really cute to see my 4 and her son AJ out there shirtless racing across the yard. They live out of a farm and the kids just love to explore.

The problem is Brennan and Graham apparently explored into some things that were better off left to the wild. Brennan this morning woke up covered in Poison Ivy and he had a tick on his neck. Graham had a tick in his private area. Poor little guys. Brennan is pretty miserable.

We read online all kinds of home remedies. Brennan took a vinegar bath this morning and is pretty drugged up on Benedryl. The rash already looks better but he has some pretty severe medicine head. I'm letting him sleep it off while Tanner works on his school work from Monday when he slept straight through school due to his night out at the Anderson's.

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