Friday, August 8, 2008

Housekeeper for Hire?

As I was sitting in Jared's recliner this afternoon refusing to move I took a minute and looked around my house. I normally keep house pretty well with the occasional clutter here and there from the boys.

Now I'm lucky if I wash the dishes every other day and the laundry is a wash (hee hee). I currently have piles of laundry on every surface in my bedroom and the laundry room. I can't remember the last time I scrubbed the toilet (because I then have to hurl in it). I bought groceries last night and didn't finish putting them away until this evening. Where did my clean house go? Better yet where did my desire for a clean house go?

I am assuming that as I start into the 2nd trimester I will be able to regain my ability and desire when I start to feel "normal" again. Tomorrow my new kitchen cabinet for our second oven is being installed. Normally when I change even the slightest thing it starts a cleaning frenzy so the new item can be seen in it's best light ( I know it's strange, my mom understands. She's the same way). So hopefully I will feel the urge after it's all done.

Right now I just feel really tired and unmotivated.

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