Friday, December 5, 2008

200th Post!

-I've not written in a couple days because this is the 200th post and I felt like it needed to be something spiffy. Well, I don't have anything too spiffy going on right now so, YAY 200th post! Whoo hoo! How's that?

-I am finishing up week 3 of my 4 week Weight Watcher's-a-thon. WHOO HOO! It's been a busy month and I'm thankful it's coming to an end. A week from tomorrow marks the end I think. As long as my co-worker is ready to come back I'll get to go back to somewhat normal.

-Apparently I've "popped." In the last couple days anyone who sees me comments, "WOW you're really showing!!" I'm closing in on 7 months so I'm okay with "looking" pregnant. I get a daily email from What to Expect When Your Expecting and yesterday's article was entitled, "You're not fat, you're growing a baby, say it with me!" I thought that was hilarious and SO true! This is the stage when my size starts to surprise me daily in the shower when I start to shave and think, "Who's humongous thigh is that?"

-Jared and I have purchased the electric fence and are waiting impatiently for the couple of things we ordered online to aid in the installment. Sophie keeps escaping and being a beagle she LOVES to be outside. Since she's obnoxious I love for her to be outside. We've had to keep her in or take her out on a leash in order to keep her from playing dodge car on Leavenworth Road. The boys are wearing out on standing in the blustering cold waiting for the rat to go to the bathroom. This is going to be such a blessing!

-The boys finish up lesson 100 today! Since there's only 170 lessons in the year we are closing in on the end! I met a really nice woman at work who has home schooled her kids for the last 15 years. She said she kept a 3 weeks on 1 week off schedule with 2 weeks at Christmas and 4 weeks in the summer off. I have been concerned about this summer and keeping the boys fresh since I started them so early. I don't really want them to have 6 months off school before they start the next grade. It will help not schooling them when Anneliese is new but we're going to have to figure something out and this schedule has peeked my interest. It's easy for the boys and I to wear down at different points in the year and I wonder if the 3 weeks on 1 week off would grant some much needed relief and help us stay encouraged through out the year. Well see.

-Graham woke up from his nap yesterday crying and running a fever. After giving him some medication he perked up and seems to be better this morning. We all are starting to have a scratchy throat. It couldn't be worse timing since I'm supposed to carol for 4 hours tomorrow and then sing a solo at the women's group tomorrow night. I figure by tomorrow evening I'll be lucky to have a voice. Well the bible does say, "make a joyful NOISE unto the Lord." I should be able to muster a noise of some sort.

-Tanner Riley turns 7 in 13 days! That is hard to believe. He is such a unique little boy with so much character. I took them shopping the other day for new jeans and he was very interested in picking out his own items. Brennan couldn't care less. Tanner picked a brown and khaki pair of plaid pants, and a navy and green argyle shirt with a large gold embroidered emblem on the chest. He also picked out a pair of workout pants that were black with a teal stripe up the leg. He like those because the black was sparkly. He's decided to grow out his hair to an unkept shag. Apparently he's going to be a young man who is up to date on the latest trend, a little GQ perhaps? I love that he is unique and obviously doesn't feel second to his older brother.

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Alisa said...

Sorry to hear Graham wasn't (isn't) feeling well. Josiah woke up with a horrid little bark and a temp yesterday too, but seems better today. Yeah on 200 for you!