Friday, December 26, 2008

You've Got To Be Kidding!

This morning I got up early to go look for an amazing deal on a tv for our bedroom. I was up by 6 and headed out immediately. The problem is Wal-Mart was the only thing open and their prices weren't any different than they were a month ago. WHAT!?! I don't usually go out the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas but I always hear the amazing stories of crowds and sales. I didn't see either.

I waited until Target was open and they aren't having any sales until Sunday.

In the night last night I started having a pretty severe sore throat and decided to get out since it was just a sore throat. The longer I was out the worse it got and I started having stomach issues and feeling extremely nauseated.

I looked around about a hour and a half and decided I was far too ill and frustrated to stay out until Nebraska Furniture Mart opened at 9. Once home I got out a flashlight and checked out my swollen throat to find it covered in blisters. The whole left side of my kneck up to my ear is swollen and tender to the touch.

I'm not a doctor but I'm guessing strep since I've had it millions of times in my life. I called the OBGYN and they're out for a long holiday weekend. Tanner is still sick and vomitted again this morning (day 4). He spent all of yesterday sleeping on the couch. I've heard strep can present itself like the flu in little guys but didn't think they had it since neither of them had any kind of sore throat.

Ugh, we've passed 2 weeks now of illness and I don't think my body, boys, or emotional well being can handle anymore. Please Lord, heal our family.

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