Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Whole New Meaning

**Let the buyer beware**

Apparently there are some new creeps abusing Craigslist. This is a little disheartening since most of what we own comes from the wonderful online classified. In fact just this week I bought Brennan and Tanner a large box full of embroidered hoodies all really nice brand names and in great shape.

Over the last couple weeks Craigslist has made the news. There are predators listing great deals and then when the potential buyer shows up they get mugged. NICE! Can anyone get a good deal anymore whithout being concerned for their personal welfare?

Take precautions! Make sure you don't go alone and if at all possible meet in a public place. We picked up our sweatshirts at Cabella's. The lady was nice enough to bring them in and allow me to pick through the box in Cabella's entrance. We got a great deal and the boys and I were perfectly safe.

I still recommend using the sight just be careful and try not to roam on the main page. There is a lot of questionable content on there. I wouldn't allow teens to shop alone for fear of all the other junk on craigslist.

God Bless!

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Jenny said...

I hadn't heard of any of this, but unfortunately, it doesn't surprise me. Sad.