Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who Knew?!

So last night I noticed my little Eli's face was seriously breaking out with eczema. His cheeks were vibrantly red and hot to the touch. Tanner's cheeks weren't much better and his thighs are inflamed.

When we got home from church I decided to do some investigating online to thoroughly check out our current softener. As I mentioned in a previous blog I was concerned whether or not just replacing the circuit board would be enough since it looks pretty rough.

After taking it apart and looking at several different parts I put it all back together and reset the screen. I opened the flow to the machine and viola. It works. No kidding. It immediately started "charging" and as of this afternoon it's still running and we are beginning to have soft water running through the tap.

I was thrilled! I don't know how long it will run since that circuit board looks like a rust bucket but for now it's running and that answers my question of if anything else needs replacing. So now I'll wait for the board to finally die and then replace it! We should be good to go. Meanwhile I'm super thankful to postpone the financial aspect of fixing/replacing it at least for now.

God is good.


alanna said...

But you're still going to save up for when the board does break right ;o). How cool is that though!!! I assume the boys redness is gone now? Poor things.

Shannon said...

Oh absolutely we'll save up for it but we thought we were going to have to scrape it up from some where right now. It's a blessing to have the chance to save for it. Elijah had a bath this morning and he's already improving. As he was drying off I noticed he has a breakout all down his back and to his bottom. I said,"oh Eli your bottom is all inflamed too!" To which he replied, "Well I do itch my face and my butt all the time." I just chuckled and said, "I hope you itch in that order!"

alanna said...

Oh how gross...and funny LOL!!!!