Saturday, December 13, 2008


Jared, Brennan and I put in the electric fence this morning. It took several hours and it was really windy but man was it worth it.

We have had a mess surrounding the fence trying desperately to keep the dogs from digging out and they've actually learned to remove bricks and such from their favorite escape holes. That all ends today. **insert maniacal music here**

Please keep in mind that we put this fence in as an alternative to tying up our dogs. We want them to roam freely in our backyard getting exercise and playing together. The fence we bought is for small dogs and is set on the lowest setting so as not to hurt the dogs. Our intentions are to keep them safe from busy roads and from other dogs. They are now perfectly safe within our yard.

Since we installed the fence we removed all the logs, rocks, and bricks from the fence line. Within the first few moments of letting Sophie out she took a b-line to her favorite hole. She was more than a little stunned by the warning she received.

It is somewhat comical to see the difference between the two dogs. Maury was outside mere minutes before he seemed to understand and never let out a whimper he just adjusted his stride to stay within the boundaries. Sophie on the other hand continues to go to the fence line just to see what will happen. Each time she receives a warning tone and then a light buzz and each time she jumps straight into the air letting out a yelp.

Jared and I are both a little concerned that the correction may worsen her already insecure and timid self but hopefully she'll learn quickly and we'll have her for years to come verses losing her to Leavenworth Rd.

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