Saturday, December 27, 2008

Check Out Our Christmas Pics!

This was the first year that the boys received the bulk of their gifts from Jared and I . Typically the grandparents have spoiled them while Jared and I looked on.

I am so thankful for the way both sides of the family decided to do Christmas this year. We decided not to buy gifts for one another but just have fellowship and food. We haven't had Christmas with Jared's side yet but I have to say it was so nice to not be stressed about having a certain number of gifts for others when we really couldn't afford it. We were able to spend our Christmas budget on our own kids.

Jared and I were just as excited as the kids were to open presents because we carefully thought out each one and started collecting them months ago. Jared already had a small stock pile in his office before we even put up the tree. We had a stress free and really enjoyable Christmas. What an idea!

The boys each had a small number of gifts each and they were all really very affordable but because of the forethought we got them just what they'd wanted. They were SO thankful and appreciative. Jared and I were blessed by the gift of their thankfulness. They are such good boys.

My family went together and purchased the boys new bikes. All 4!! Thankfully the day after Christmas it was nearing 70 degrees so the kids could ride them. Only Brennan and Elijah felt well enough but the two of them were out most of the day enjoying their new gifts.

Check out our pics!

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