Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Few Fun Pics

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. Yesterday I desperately tried to get a good picture of my boys near our tree as I do every year. The problem was Brennan wasn't feeling well and couldn't seem to open his eyes fully. Elijah has a massive wound on his left nostril due to the dry air and a nose picking 4 year old. Oh, and Graham is 2. So here's the best of several. They're still cute even if it's not the best pic :)

I am 28 weeks preggers this week which puts us wonderfully close to seeing our precious Anneliese. I'm doing my part by growing rapidly. Here is a pic of my round self (I guess I should have fixed my hair BEFORE Jared took the pic).

I wrote previously about how chilly it is in our house and my sweet brother Will bought us the cutest little heater ever. It sits next to the back door in the kitchen and warms us as it oscillates blowing wonderfully snuggly air. The dogs are even fond of the heater and will move with it in order to stay in the line of the heat. I have caught the boys taking turns sitting next to it while watching TV. Thank you Woo, we love you and you are so good to us!

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