Sunday, December 28, 2008

Power of Prayer

Last night when I went to bed I prayed (ok begged) God for healing. Tanner was obviously a little better yesterday but he wasn't himself and still was acting very lethargic. I was still struggling and only had small bouts of energy that I used up quickly trying to retrieve my house from the layer of clutter it's found itself in.

I couldn't sleep last night at all. That may sound like a complaint but I knew I must be better because normally I can't sleep well. I'm just to that stage and during the worst part of my illness I would sleep 10-12 hours without stirring. I was actually thankful that I was restless last night. Ha!

The best part was getting up this morning to Tanner playing Wii. I looked into the living room to see his hooded sweatshirt and I said, "Tanner is that you?" To which he replied, "Hi Momma, I'm better!"

I immediately offered him his cup of sprite he nursed all day yesterday hoping he'd feel up to it when he said, "I already drank it this morning." He then asked for breakfast! He ate an entire bowl of cereal and asked for a glass of water.

Thank you Jesus! We had planned on staying home from church but I think we may just go to second service. We'll wait another week on Sunday school simply because it wouldn't surprise me if he tuckered out easily. I am so thankful to see my healthy little boy again. I was really concerned.

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