Friday, December 26, 2008

Just a Thought

The other night I mentioned to Jared how Anneliese's name is just really settling in for me. It takes a little while for me to feel as if any of the names we've picked flowed and were just right. When I think of her (which is pretty constant) I easily think of her name Anneliese Lily.

Jared just looks at me and says, "oh, I'm not there at all." Umm what?! If you have been reading my ramblings for long you will remember Hazel was my name of choice and went with Anneliese as a bit of a compromise. Apparently Anneliese isn't the issue, he's not too sure about Lily. He doesn't care for constant L's. Anneliese Lily Altic. He mentioned her misfortune if she married someone with the last name Leeland or any other L name.

So, her middle name is again up for consideration. I guess now's the time to get comfy with what she'll forever be known as. It's just a little comical to me that it took my saying I'm settled in it to find out he wasn't at all. For two people who talk so much you'd think we'd cover it by now.

Right now we like Anneliese Victoria and Anneliese Olivia. I tried to talk Jared into the name Avalon with the nickname Ava and he didn't care for Avalon at all. I like Anneliese Victoria Altic because her initials would be AVA and we could call her Ava if we wanted to, at least until she got married :) We (I) love nicknames. My only concern would be that I wouldn't want her going by Ava verses Anneliese. It could be a cutesy nick name like "Weeja" for Elijah.

I would love your ideas but please be nice and not critical of the names we've chosen. I'm a little raw right now with hormones and sickness :)


Anonymous said...

Your 4 boys all have four syllables in their first & middle names. Your possibilities for baby have 7 syllables. That's a mouth full! How about Anneliese Kathleen (her mommy's middle name)? That's only 5 syllables. . . and she could be AKA . . . sweet baby girl!

Hope you're all feeling better!

Anonymous said...

She can be my heroine Anneliese Brielle of Arithracia. I might have to rewrite the story (again) to add in all the brothers.

The names you have chosen are beautiful.
Jane Deskis

Anonymous said...

I'm not one to offer opinions on baby names, I know how it feels when someone doesn't like one of the names that you have chosen. . .but since you asked. . . .I have to agree with sweet Aunt Anita!! Meredith loves that she has my middle name. She tells everyone that our middle names are the same. She is my only girl so it's kind of fun for us!! Just a thought. You guys do very well with names so it will be precious no matter what. We have all had the plague too. . .feel better!! ~Abie

Anonymous said...

I personally like Courtney Alane :) Isn't that a pretty name?